Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pancha Bhootha

Prathamabhoota - 'Fire' , the light energy released from the burning material accompanied with heat and sometimes with sound. So it is the energy mixture.

Dwitheeyabhoota - 'Water', a form of matter included in the liquid class. It is build up on polar bond and weak hydrogen bonds, between 2 molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen ( 2H2O2)

Thritheeyabhoota - 'Air', the gas mixture in the earth's atmosphere. The percentage ratio is
76:22:1:1 - Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and others respectively.

Chathurtheeyabhoota - 'Earth', the planet Earth. the only planet in the whole Universe there exists the wonderful phenomena known as 'Life'. Earth is a complicated combination of elements, compounds and mixtures, which includes all the three forms of matter. It includes various types of energy forms also.

Panchamabhoota - 'Sky', primary layer of the atmosphere, which the sunlight scaters and seems blue to the viewers. Sky is not an element, compound, mixture or energy form.

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